This page contains some of my completed, planned and abandoned projects. Many of them are collaborative efforts so be sure not to credit me with parts of a project I did not actually do. The numbers behind the project names mark my time participating in them.


Mumble (2009-now) [Link]

Mumble 1.2.3 "Mumble is an open source, low-latency, high quality voice chat software primarily intended for use while gaming" is the mission statement of the project. The software is written in C++ using the Qt framework. It is cross-platform and available on Windows, MacOS and Linux. Mumble is catered to the use in groups of people in need of fast and reliable voice communication. Hence it has seen adoption not only in the gaming community but is also used for conferencing and casual chatting. Besides a large number of privatly run servers there are a multitude of commercial offerings. The Mumble userbase is ever growing, currently being close to 290'000 unique users last month. The project was started in 2005 by Thorvald Natvig, I joined the offical core development team in 2009 and have been contributing regularily ever since. The sourcecode of Mumble is licensed under a BSD license.

q3jabServerBrowser (2008) [Link]

q3jabServerBrowser q3jabServerBrowser is a server browser for Quake 3 engine based games. It is written in python and offers retrieval and management of multiple server lists, filtering, game-launching, as well as the ability to follow your friends on to the server they are currently playing on (needs q3jabServerBrowser to be connected to a Jabber server). The project was started in 2008 and is, at this point in time, no longer in active development. The project is licensed under the GNU-GPL and hence free. You can get the latest version from our blog .

LogikSim (2006) [Link]

LogikSim Logiksim is a binary logic simulator written in Delphi. The project has its own homepage at (DE). The primary goal of this projects was to create an easy to use piece of software that can be used in schooling without having to pay any licensing fees. A friend of mine started this project due to frustration with the logic simulator we had to use for our schoolwork at that time. Feeling the same I immediatly joined in, completing LogikSim's development team of two. My main contributions to this project were bug-fixes and reverse engineering and then implementing the proprietary format of the tool our school used. LogikSim is licensed under the GNU-GPL so feel free to download, redistribute and extend it. LogikSim was started in 2006 and reached its final version 0.6.4 the same year. It is fully usable though there seem to be some graphic glitches when using it on Windows 7 ;-)

Akte-2WK (2006?)

Akte2WKAkte-2WK was supposed to be a Browsergame written in PHP by me and a friend of mine. Its story was based on an alternative 2nd World War in which the player could choose between the three big blocks of power - Axis, Allied and SU. As you can see in the screenshot layouting as well as many of the parts of the backend needed for a limited alpha (building queues, requirements, statistics, administration) were already done. The project was abandoned shortly before reaching alpha stage due to a common lack of time to work on it as well as a shift of interest to other things ;-) I'm not sure whether we still have the source floating around somewhere. If we have it would be GNU-GPL licensed. Since our blog mentions the project in its first post I can at least reconstruct we worked on it in the 2006 timeframe ;-).

Reddesert (2003-2004) [Link]

Reddesert homepage Reddesert was a game development team I, then called z-man, founded with two other guys I met on a programming forum on the Internet (one of them was Florian Hufksy, may he rest in peace). The few projects we did there were my first real endeavours into the world of C++. Being completely new to the world of (game) programming we created such innovative games like a Tetris clone (called tijot) and a (never finished) side-scroll shooter. While being part of this team I also wrote a Moorhuhn (Crazy Chicken) clone and a 4 Wins. All of our projects were published under the GNU-GPL but I fear I have lost all of the sourcecode and executables :-( . You can visit the old homepage (now offline) via's way back machine. We founded the project somewhere in the end of 2003 and went our seperate ways in early 2004.


Silva (2010-now)

Silva Silva is my most recent electronics project targeted at being a low-cost solution for igniting pyrotechnic electric matches from a safe distance. The picture to the left displays the frontpanel of the 16-channel prototype I am working on. The project is based on AVR 8-bit microcontrollers programmed in C. The communication between breakout box(es) and master uses an RS-485 field bus with a custom protocol. The hardware for the project is pretty much done but the software has not yet progressed over hardware testing. Once I find the time I will do a proper writeup and release the circuit diagrams as well as the software under an OSS license. For the time being here have some pictures:

Frontpanel | Frontpanel (back) | Slave & Master boards | Unordered & Videos (bad quality)